The Jimmys

  • The Jimmys - Gotta Have It - Chicken Wilson (USA)

    With piano, guitar, bass, drums, a full horn section, percussion and background singers; this unit is loaded for bear. This is a band you’d have to go out of your way to dislike. Their blend of blues and R&B is reminiscent of the jump blues from the ‘40s & ‘50s. Jimmy Voegeli, who handles everything from piano & B3 to vocals and the lion’s share of the songwriting, works hard (on and off the stage) and he plays hard.

  • The Jimmys - Gotta Have It - Don and Sheryls' Blues Blog (USA)

    The Jimmys, led by keyboard man, composer, and vocalist Jimmy Voegeli. hail from Madison, WI, and have been playin’ their brand of booty-kickin’ high octans soul, blues, and horn-infused R&B for some twelve years now, and with their latest set, thirteen cuts that make up “Gotta Have It,” they show no signs of lettin’ off the gas! It’s on Brown Cow Records, and was produced by Grammy-winner Tony Braunagel, and features guest spots from Marcia Ball co-writing and performing on “Write A Hit,” and singing on “When You Got Love.”

  • The Jimmys - Gotta Have It - Jazz Weekly (USA)

    Ok, almost all you need to know about The Jimmys is that in the liner notes it says that they are sponsored by both Jose Cuervo and Hammond. Now THAT’S an attitude!

  • The Jimmys - Gotta Have It - Making A Scene Magazine (USA)

    The Jimmys are an R n’ B band formed by Jimmy Voegeli in 2008. By day the Wisconsin native works on his family’s fifth generation dairy farm with 200 Brown Swiss dairy cows. At night Voegeli is an award winning musician. In the liner notes Voegeli thanks the crew at the farm for putting up with his absence when recording or performing on the road. The Jimmys released their debut “Gimme” in 2011. Voegeli and the band have since won numerous Wisconsin based music awards.

  • The Jimmys - Live From The Midnight Circus - Radio Show Archive (USA)

  • The Jimmys- Gotta Have It - Blues n Roots Corner (Netherlands)

    Jimmy Voegeli is the driving force behind the band The Jimmys. In daily life, this musician runs a farm in Monticello, Wisconsin, which will soon be taken over by his cousin, who by the way will be the sixth generation the company has been running since 1854. In that year his ancestors settled there when they emigrated from Switzerland to America.

  • The Jimmys- Gotta Have It - Zica Zine (France)

    Ils ont quasiment fait le tour de la planète depuis leur création il y a une douzaine d’années et leur premier album, sur lequel ils accueillaient déjà des invités prestigieux comme Billy Flynn ou Clyde Stubblefield, leur a permis de recevoir nombre d’Awards dans diverses catégories.